The Sims 3: Barnacle Bay Review

Laid Back Simin’

Barnacle Bay is the first “world” offered on the Sims 3 online store since Riverview, which mean your Sims now have a whole new town in which to settle, explore, and get into trouble. Barnacle Bay is a pirate/nautical themed beach town with a laid back feel. You can just imagine a cool breeze blowing through the air as your Sims wander around the lovely countryside or relax in one of the many scenic parks on the island.

The Sims 3 store claims you get eighteen new items with the world purchase, but I’ve already noticed at least one more (an extra pair of boots for female Sims) and have to wonder if others are hidden around the island. Some of the new goods include 3 different pirate outfits, a few building goods like a door and window, and a large pirate ship themed restaurant. I particularly like a new outdoor bench that uses twin anchors for a frame.

Why is he running away?

The island also has new underground dungeons to explore similar to what we saw in the World Adventure expansion. I found one near the graveyard that had a collection of Urns presumably filled with the remains of old pirates… or their victims.

As for the most important question: Is Barnacle Bay worth the buy? At a whopping $16.50 this is one of the pricier items in the store. As with many such downloads, it all comes down to how into The Sims 3 you are, and how much you want to see them as pirates (not that most of the other store items have anything to do with pirates.) The biggest bonus is the island itself, which can be a big incentive if your tired of the limited official towns. It could also be a great compliment to other store items such as the Buccaneer’s Bounty pack.

If your a casual fan of the game or just don’t have any strong urges to get you Sims swashbuckling, it may be worth waiting for this one to hit the Daily Deal list at the Sims 3 Store. In the meantime, plenty of other packs and items abound. Check out the Sims 3 site to see some of the wide range of choices, like the cool punk rock pack they released recently called Loud, Fast, Clash!

The Sims 3 Store


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4 Responses to The Sims 3: Barnacle Bay Review

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  3. Kyle says:

    This reminds me a lot of the Pirates of the Caribbean online game! In the sense that you look like pirates. Other than that it looks like the same old Sims. Unfortunately I won’t be buying this, because I don’t play The Sims 3. The only sims game I have is on the DS. Yet it seems like a good buy if you like pirates and the Sims!

    • Blaster Boy says:

      I’ve played a few of the console and hand held Sims games, and unfortunately they just don’t compare to the PC versions. Sims 2 is my personal favorite so far, provided you have most of the expansions. I’m sure this title will continue to grow though with more expansions and hopefully more bug-fixes.

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