Recettear Sales a Success!

Carpe Fulgur Can Continue Localizing Japanese Games

Someone got paid!!

Good news from Carpe Fulgur’s site last week. Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale has sold 28,000 copies and going strong! For a game localized by three guys, this is a complete success!

As the site mentions, the profits made from this one game are equivalent to what they would have earned in a whole year working in the industry (instead of indie.) What does this mean for you and I? More awesome Japanese localizations in the future! In a surprising comment, Carpe Fulgur even thanks pirates:

I even want to thank the pirates, really – I know some of you have been “demoing” the game and then purchasing it, and I thank you for that. From our data via Steam and whatnot, our official demo-to-full conversion rate is somewhere between 25 and 30%… a number that I suspect is inflated in part by former pirates deciding to support us.

It’s this sort of positive, friendly attitude that attracts me to the indie model of game development. Instead of punishing everyone with crippling DRM (lookin’ at you Ubisoft,) they acknowledge the reality of the situation, realizing that many pirates will actually buy a game if it’s worth the money.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Recettear, check out my review here: Recettear Review.

And check out Carpe Fulgur’s page for more info on what they’re up to: Carpe Fulgur.


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