About the site and blogger:

Blaster Boy (aka Armand Kossayan) is a long time gamer who’s decided that blogging is too important in our current culture (not to mention job market) to simply go on ignoring it. In that vain, he’s now sharing his favorite hobby with anyone who cares to follow it. Understanding that the net is bursting at the seams with blogs about gaming (most being much better than his own humble efforts,) he does this for the fun of it, and so he can say “I have a blog!”

If you have any (intelligent) questions or comments for Blaster Boy, you can send him an email!

Blaster Boy’s Email


2 Responses to About

  1. pookiablo says:

    I’m not able it seems, to leave a comment on any of your posts! I wanted to post on your Me: Gamer article – was a very touching read!

    • Blaster Boy says:

      Ok, I think I turned comments on with moderation options enabled.. I’ll figure out the details as I go along, but I think people should be able to comment on all the posts form now on.

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