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Recettear Sales a Success!

Carpe Fulgur Can Continue Localizing Japanese Games Good news from Carpe Fulgur’s site last week. Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale has sold 28,000 copies and going strong! For a game localized by three guys, this is a complete success! As … Continue reading

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Delve Deeper: Review

Just One More Turn… During the first World War, teams of men would dig extensive networks of tunnels under battle fields to attack the enemy lines from below. Sometimes, groups of tunnelers from opposing sides would run into each other … Continue reading

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The Sims 3: Barnacle Bay Review

Laid Back Simin’ Barnacle Bay is the first “world” offered on the Sims 3 online store since Riverview, which mean your Sims now have a whole new town in which to settle, explore, and get into trouble. Barnacle Bay is … Continue reading

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The Longest Journey: Review

An Adventure Game for Grown-Ups     It is always with hesitancy and great trepidation that I start an adventure game. On the one hand, I know there is a good chance I will find good story-telling, character development, and … Continue reading

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Good Old Games

I don’t think they were ready for the rush I’ve blown most of my day thus far checking out the new gog.com. Me and every PC gamer out there it seems. The site launch was apparently delayed due to the … Continue reading

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Rome’s Other Options

An Alternative History of the Rise of Rome This was a paper I wrote for a class dealing with the causes of war. It was meant to explore wars throughout history, and attempt to understand what leads to war. For … Continue reading

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