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New Gamer Site Bits ‘n’ Bytes Launches

Get Some Gaming Goodness After many weeks of work, planning, discussions, more emails then I can count (not very good with numbers,) the new Video Game site Bits ‘n’ Bytes launched today! Some of the best up and coming bloggers … Continue reading

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The Longest Journey: Review

An Adventure Game for Grown-Ups     It is always with hesitancy and great trepidation that I start an adventure game. On the one hand, I know there is a good chance I will find good story-telling, character development, and … Continue reading

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Violent Acts Per Hour

Similar to my recent post entitled Romes Other Option, this was a paper I wrote for a freshman level collage class. Where as the last one was for a history class and thus dealt with historic content, this paper was … Continue reading

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Rome’s Other Options

An Alternative History of the Rise of Rome This was a paper I wrote for a class dealing with the causes of war. It was meant to explore wars throughout history, and attempt to understand what leads to war. For … Continue reading

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BioShock: Infinite Propaganda Posters

I Want Prints! I’ll admit right now, I ripped these directly off of the GameInformer site, but they are way too freakin’ cool to not add on here. I’m too excited about this game! The attention to detail is amazing, … Continue reading

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Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale Review

Capitalism, ho! I haven’t played a Japanese RPG in years. I haven’t been able to finish one even longer. But there was a time when the JRPG was the pinnacle of my gaming world. Games like Secret of Mana and … Continue reading

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